What is it?

Portable Appliance Testing is an inspection of electrical items to ensure that they are fit for use. This is undertaken by an engineer trained to spot electrical flaws or damaged cables, for instance. The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all re-portable electrical accidents involve portable appliances.

Why do I need it?

Day-to-day use of portable electrical appliances inevitably causes wear and damage to leads, plugs and to the item itself. If undetected and unresolved, this may in turn result in an electric shock or fire.

Employers, institutions and landlords therefore have a statutory responsibility to ensure that all electrical appliances used by employees, guests and tenants are safe.

What is the legal requirement?

All systems shall be maintained so far as is reasonably practically possible to prevent danger (Regulation 4 (2) Electricity at Work Act).

Who does it apply to?

All commercial environments and where the public reside or visit.